Suggested Install Sites for the DWS Air Gap.

The install for the DWS Air Gap will vary with the configuration underneath the sink. The following diagram is to give you some ideas on how to install the air gap. It is by no means a manual for installation.

Remember the air gap is eight inches in height so plan accordingly.

If you are not installing your reverse osmosis unit underneath the sink in the kitchen you might want to look at our VA2 air gap.

The VA2 is designed to be used dual purpose. Let's say you are installing a new water conditioner and a reverse osmosis unit in your laundry room. You can easily drain your reverse osmosis unit and regenerate you water conditioner with the VA2 air gap, all you need is a 1 1/2 " stand pipe.

Please observe all local plumbing codes when installing this air gap.

Always make sure you have a free flowing drain before installation.

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