Making a Proper Connection

SuperSpeedfit® Push-In Fittings Connection
This simple concept pioneered by John Guest over 30
years ago now embodies a comprehensive line of over
3,000 products addressing virtually every tubing connection
requirement. OurSuper Speedfit ® range of push-in
fittings is manufactured in acetal copolymer, polypropylene,
and brass and are available in inch and metric sizes. They
have been developed for applications involving foodstuff,
potable liquids, air, inert gasses, CO2 lines and pneumatic
and vacuum systems.

In all applications JohnGuest SuperSpeedfit ® fittings
require no tools. Tubing is simply inserted into the fitting
collet and past the ‘o’ ring to the tube stop to effect a secure
connection. Whether plastic or soft metal tubing is used, the
integrity of the connection is assured. Super Speedfit ®
push-in fittings afford the most reliable and cost effective
solution to tubing connections.

Making a ConnectionMaterials of construction
The fittings are made up of three components:
Bodies are produced in acetal copolymer or polypropylene.
‘O’ rings are nitrile rubber or EPDM.
Collets are produced in acetal copolymer or polypropylene with
stainless steel teeth.

How to make a connection
To make a connection, the tube is simply pushed in by hand. The
unique patented John Guest collet locking system then holds the tube
firmly in place without deforming it or restricting flow.

1 Cut tube square

2 Insert tube

3 Push up to tube stop

4 Pull to check secure


Push in collet and remove tube

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