John Guest Fittings
The Leader in Fluid Systems Products

John Guest Fittings:

The John Guest Group of Companies is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality push-in fittings,
pipe and plastic plumbing systems to a wide variety of industries and applications such as Drink Dispensers,
Plumbing, Pneumatics, Compressed Air Systems, Water Purification, Drink Vending, Automotive and Telecommunications.

The concept of push-in fittings was pioneered by John Guest and there are now many millions in service around the world.
As more and more installers and Original Equipment Manufacturers begin to see the benefits in labor saving and reliability offered by our fittings the old methods of tube connection, such as compression and barb fittings, are being replaced by push-in technology.

Across a host of applications, John Guest fittings require no special tools.
Simply cut the tube square and insert it into the fitting to effect a secure and reliable connection.

Thus, our products offer the most reliable and cost effective solution to tubing connections.

We invite you to browse our products so that you can see for yourself how John Guest fittings can help your company make the right connection - first time, every time!

Part#       Description
PI010621S 3/16x1/8 Male Connector-NPTF .65 each
PI010821S 1/4x1/8 Male Connector-NPTF .71 each
PI010822S 1/4x1/4 Male Connector-NPTF .95 each
PI010823S 1/4x3/8 Male Connector-NPTF 1.13 each
PI011221S 3/8x1/8 Male Connector-NPTF 1.64 each
PI011222S 3/8x1/4 Male Connector-NPTF 1.23 each
PI011223S 3/8x3/8 Male Connector-NPTF 1.47 each
PI011224S 3/8x1/2 Male Connector-NPTF 1.31 each
PI011623S 1/2x3/8 Male Connector-NPTF 1.91 each
PI011624S 1/2x1/2 Male Connector-NPTF 2.15 each

PI050821S 1/4"x1/8 Stem Adapter-NPTF .36 each
PI050822S 1/4x1/4 Stem Adapter-NPTF .39 each
PI051222S 3/8x1/4 Stem Adapter-NPTF .48 each
PI051223S 3/8x3/8 Stem Adapter-NPTF .63 each

PI450822S 1/4x1/4 Female Adapter-NPTF 1.75 each
PI451222S 3/8x1/4 Female Adapter-NPTF 2.01 each

PI4512C5S 3/8x1/2-16  UN Female Adapter 2.63 each

CI3208U7S 1/4x7/16-24 Faucet Connector 1.57 each
CI3212U7S 3/8x7/16-24 Faucet Connector 1.75 each

PI0208S 1/4 Union Tee 1.63 each
PI0212S 3/8 Union Tee 2.20 each
PI0216S 1/2 Union Tee 2.53 each

PI301208S 3/8x1/4x3/8 Reducing Tee 2.57 each
PI301612S 1/2x3/8x1/2 Reducing Tee 4.00 each

PI0308S 1/4 Union Elbow 1.32 each
PI0312S 3/8 Union Elbow 1.91 each
PI0316S 1/2 Union Elbow 2.27 each

PI211208S 3/8x1/4 Reducing Elbow 2.11 each

PI480821S 1/4x1/8 Fixed Elbow-NPTF 1.12 each
PI480822S 1/4x1/4 Fixed Elbow-NPTF 1.32 each
PI480823S 1/4x3/8 Fixed Elbow-NPTF 1.51 each
PI481222S 3/8x1/4 Fixed Elbow-NPTF 1.90 each
PI481223S 2/8x3/8 Fixed Elbow-NPTF 2.08 each

PI091624S 1/2x1/2 Swivel Elbow-NPTF 3.77 each

PI220808S 1/4x1/4 Plug In Elbow 1.25 each
PI221212S 3/8x3/8 Plug In Elbow 2.13 each
PI221616S 1/2x1/2 Plug In Elbow 2.55 each
PI221208S 3/8 Stem x 1/4 Tube Plug In Elbow 1.53 each

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